Our products

LAMOLTAN® – poly-
urethane rigid foam systems

More than 50 years experience in the formulation of polyurethane systems

Fire Coating

Fire Coating – in all situations where a higher level of flame protection is required.

HD-2 high-pressure equipment

Our polyurethane processing machine for casting and spraying technology

Lamoltan® semi-finished products

Pre-assembled goods for industrial applications

PHONKILLER® – anti-drumming compounds

Reduction of structure-borne noise in facade construction and vehicle manufacturing

LACKFA LAMOLTAN® / LAMOLTEC® Polyurethan Systeme (PU PUR PIR) / LAMOLTAN® Fire Coating

LAMOLTAN® rigid polyurethane foam systems, integral systems, semi-rigid integral systems and flexible foam systems are used, for example, as PUR rigid foam, integral rigid foam, flexible foam, in-situ foam and spray foam, for technical insulation, container insulation, insulating half-shells, lifeboats, sandwich panels etc. Our product range of PU systems includes PUR/PIR foam as well as PU coating. Our PU coating is called LAMOLTEC® and is perfectly suited for surface coatings.

Our LAMOLTAN® Fire Coating enables highly flame-resistant spray foam insulation, for example.

LACKFA high pressure plant / HD2 polyurethane processing machine

A PU system for high-pressure processing of component A (polyol) and component B (MDI isocyanate)

Our HD2 polyurethane processing machine is used both as a plant for in-situ foam and thus on construction sites as well as a stationary plant for the discontinuous production processes of your application.


Our range of anti-vibration materials for structure-borne sound insulation covers the following areas of application:
Construction: e.g. facade, window sills, attic, attic coverings and panelling in general.
Vehicle bodies: e.g. structure-borne noise reduction in the chassis
Trains: Structure-borne noise reduction indoors and outdoors

Please contact us, we would be happy to advise you!

Pre-assembled goods – sawed from polyurethane – block foam

Our prefabricated sawn block products are available in a variety of commercial bulk densities.
We provide plates, insulating board, blocks, half shells, insulating half shells, rods, bars and profiles.
Our production uses the 2D process. Please contact us, we would be happy to advise you!