PUR HD-2 high-pressure equipment

LACKFA HD-2 high-pressure equipment and HP-3 high-pressure gun

Two components, one system

You can choose from medium-pressure or high-pressure equipment to process an extremely wide range of polyurethane rigid foam systems, depending on the required discharge capacity and processing conditions. You can use a casting or spraying method to process your foam systems using the LACKFA high-pressure gun. The choice is yours.

Our polyurethane processing machines for casting and spraying technology

Benefits for the fabricator:

Fast and separate temperature stabilisation of system components A and B both in the dual heating hose as well as the respective containers. Easy adjustment of mixing ratio by changing the sprocket wheels. Compression of PUR components to max. 150 bar with mixing head closed. Mixing of components in the LACKFA HP-3 high-pressure gun. Continuous availability of foam as the systems A and B circulate in a circuit. Hose lengths of between 7.5 m and 90 m are available. The storage containers, wheel bearing and format of our HD-2 allow the user to change flexibly between locations. The machine only requires a 16 A power supply, which makes it easier to operate on the building site, and it is also equipped with a phase reversing switch.

You can find more technical information on the HD-2 high-pressure equipment here:

The high-pressure gun is used for processing 2-component polyurethane rigid form systems using a casting or spraying method with medium-pressure and high-pressure equipment.

You can find more technical information on the HP-3 high-pressure gun here:

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