LAMOLTAN®-semi-finished products

Tailored to your requirements!

You can saw, cut, nail and glue LAMOLTAN®-and formed parts made of polyurethane rigid foam. They can also simply be fixed during construction using mortar or hot bitumen. Owing to the universal processing options of LAMOLTAN® semi-finished products or formed parts made of polyurethane systems by LACKFA a wide range of applications is ensured.

They are light and therefore easier to handle than formed parts made of conventional materials. Designers appreciate the decorative surface and the almost limitless possibilities for form design.

The high quality LAMOLTAN®-formed parts and semi-finished products specially tailored to the application made from the LAMOLTAN® polyurethane systems by LACKFA provide scope for designing new forms without the need for modifying conventional processing methods.

You can find more information on LAMOLTAN®-semi-finished products here:

LAMOLTAN® semi-finished products (Polyurethane rigid foam PUR/PIR without facing)