LAMOLTAN® – Casting Resins

Our LAMOLTAN® casting resins are used for many different casting compounds, for example electronic components.

LACKFA Casting Resin PU 2505W

Polyurethane-based, elastic

LACKFA polyurethane casting resin PU 2505 W1-F is a solvent-free, thixotropic 2-component system based on polyurethane.

When mixed with component B, the reaction mixture hardens at room temperature to a homogeneous, bubble-free and elastic casting resin.

Casting resin PU 2505 W is used for filling small cavities. It exhibits good adhesion on most plastics and metals.

LACKFA Casting Resin PU 2510-H

Polyurethane-based, hard 

LACKFA polyurethane casting resin PU 2510-H is a solvent-free product based on

polyurethane. It contains no abrasive fillers. When mixed with component B1, the casting resin mass hardens to a medium-hard casting with a bubble-free surface at room temperature and without vacuum application. The low viscosity and low heat effect during hardening facilitates the production of larger castings.

Example of use:
Casting of capacitors, small transformers, self-supporting transformers, switch parts, transducers and magnetic sensors.